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Discover & book pay-and-play sports facilities in your city

The courtside mobile application helps users book sports venues on an hourly basis and pay for their bookings online. Teams can search for players, invite them to play in case they fall short in numbers. Likewise, a user can also search for a team based on his skillset and sport preferences.

Sports venues on the other hand can manage these bookings and grow their business through an online venue management software.




28 weeks


Maisum Dairkee
Nishank Jain
Vishwam R


Product & Experience Designer


Courtside user app in its first phase was designed, developed and launched only for android. The customer appreciated the ease of use, smooth flow, intuitiveness of the app. The average score on the Play store was 4.8 with over a 1000 installs in a month. However, our team continuously monitored user behaviour using google analytics and made sure that all the shortcomings or loopholes were solved.


Courtside Partners For business partners an android app with limited functionality & a web-app was designed and developed to enable ground/court owners to make their inventory available online. Total Clients - 11
City - Bangalore & Pune

Courtside Logo The logo of Courtside is an amalgation of different sport courts, representing very closely our vision - ?Let the world be a playground?


Identifying the problem We went out and spoke with people in different locations around Bangalore. Our aim was to understand various aspects like why people discontinue playing sport after college, or why they never started at all, or why some play regularly and why it has become infrequent for the rest recently, or what inspires people to pick up a new game- is it a quest to keep themselves fit?


We targeted both males & females in the age group of 22-35 years for our study. Highlighted below are a few responses from them, which were encountered more frequently during our discussion about sports and fitness.

startQuote startQuote I don't mind paying & playing if the facilities are good and well maintained I don't have enough people to play with I am not a serious sportsperson, but once in a while I play cricket I have joined facebook groups to find new people to play with. Its challenging and keeps me interested I don't know places to play Lost interest in sports after college My motivation to workout is to look good and be healthy I play Badminton, Football and at hit gym almost everyday!


Survey summary Based on our conversation with our target group, we formulated a survey to understand the challenges posed by these problems. Below is the summary of our findings in the survey -

Total respones - 145 Major age group - 22 to 30 Male : Female :: 71% : 29%

1. Frequency of playing/working out:
20 125
Never work out or play sport Work out or play sport atleast once a month
20 78 26 8
Play almost daily Once/twice a week Once in 2-3 weeks <1 in a month
2. Reasons for not playing/working out:
No time
Not enough people
Ground availability
Quality of ground
Cost of ground
3. Finding players to play or workout: breakup

Understanding until now Availability of people and places to play at a suitable time was the major problem highlighted in the survey. It can be linked to the limited visibility of courts available in the city. Discovery of the courts and connecting people who are willing to play was the missing link. Solving this problem alone can encourage people to come out and play more often.
To have a better understanding of our target group, we became mediators to help people solve this problem. Our target group is a smart phone user and is familiar with social networking platforms. So studying their behavior and comfort level when they interact with new players (total strangers) over social media platform would help us in formulating an ideal solution for them.

Courtside Facebook Badminton group Facebook group for badminton players in Bangalore was created by us in an effort to understand how people interact in a very open platform. Duration: 2-3 months Activities: Meetup, finding sports partners, finding games, finding venues, marketing tournaments & new sport venues

Following are the key learnings:
  • Discoverability of an open platform makes it accessible to larger audience.
  • The information organization of Facebook is much more crisp when compared to other platforms such as Whatsapp.
  • Updates aren?t real time on Facebook, which leads to bigger TAT and improper planning.
  • Organizing an event in short notice is in itself a huge effort on facebook.
  • Reliability/trust issues is another bigger problem on facebook.
  • Privacy issues - lot of personal details is available on facebook which is not needed to organize a game.
Courtside Whatsapp groups Different Whatsapp groups for badminton and football players in Bangalore was created or joined in an effort to understand how people interact in a closed platform. Duration: 2-3 months Activities: Meetup, organising games, planning team events & finding players

Following are the key learnings:
  • Updates are real time, users get instant feedback.
  • Organizing a game is really easy and effortless.
  • On Whatsapp phone numbers are shared, hence reliability/trust is more.
  • Other than phone number and few basic information nothing is shared on Whatsapp, more privacy.
  • It was seen unless a new member is introduced, game frequency within the group decays over time.
  • Whatsapp groups are very hyperlocal.
  • Zero discoveribility as no one can search for groups on Whatsapp.
  • Since Whatsapp isn?t specifically made for organizing any event, the information is scattered all over the chat.
Takeaways from the user research
  • Multiple factors are involved while deciding where to play, for example - pictures, court type, charges, quality and many more. Planning games with customers and talking to them, gave us deeper understanding of what is most important when they book a field for every sport.
  • Researc helped us understand an users' journey while booking a ground, it helped us a lot when we were designing booking engine for our app. We also identified few gaps in the current model of planning and booking a ground for example, see below.
Persona persona
"I was football captain of my college team during my under-grad course. I would like to continue playing, to not to lose touch and keep up my fitness level. I hope I find place to play and players of similar skill level."
  • Tech savvy, is a smart phone owner
  • Lives in a shared flat
  • Busy office hours
  • Loves football, would love to play without sacrificing office hours
Wants to do
  • I want to start playing football after office hours.
  • I want an easy way to find new groups or people for regular football.
  • Easier way to block courts for practicing football.
Doesn't want to do
  • Go through the pain of finding people online, which may or may not be at the same skill level as I am.
  • I don?t want to invest too much of my time in organizing game, due to work pressure from office.
Goal Ajay wants to get back to football as soon as possible, he is planning a game in the following weekend with his friends. This is the first time he will be playing football in Bangalore.
Features & Requirements

Based on the persona and user research, following were the key features that were considered for our minimum viable product:

x Instant MessengerFor organizing games & interacting with new players

x Information organizationTo avoid information overload, and make it easily accessible
x Booking platformFor seemless & hasslefree playing experience

x Search venues & playersTo reduce game cancellation due to insufficient players or unavailability of grounds
Design Principles

Design principles and content prioritisation created visibility into our decision-making process and galvanised the team to share common vision for the final product. Also priortising content helped us in understanding what user actually wants to see first, what are the factors that help them in making decision faster.

  • Natural & seemless experienceOrganizing a game should be intuitive for the users, onboarding a customer becomes easy

  • Fit & finishPixel precision, clear communication & good UI builds trust of the users

  • Build for customers on the runMaking it short, sweet and crisp will help user to plan a game quickly

  • PersonlisedGenerating content related to the user, delights them and earns trust

  • UniversalDesigning for all - the first timer, the regular one, the interested one & the passionate one

  • Meaningful contentShowing content that?s most useful and showing it first

As discussed earlier during our research, we understood users journey while booking a ground. Based on that we created the browse structure of our app.

browse structure Wireframes

In wireframes it started becoming more and more clear how the final product will look like, fitting all the necessary features and detailing out every page. Our product should look sporty to suit our market and match our branding. As mentioned earlier, we already had an idea about content prioritization that helped us in structuring out every page.

Visual Palette banner Final Screens
background gif Splash/welcome screen
homepage Home screen
homepage Ground profile
homepage Booking courts
Other screens:

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